Pests That Threaten Your Home

pest controlAs homeowners one of the things that could come up is protecting our home against home invasions. For pest inspections contact the professionals at  But as things stand our homes could already be invaded without our knowledge. This invasion come from pests who make their way into our homes. Some such as the rodent could let their presence be known, by making much noise. Some others maybe annoying to have around such as tiny ant, crickets, spider or beetle bugs, but these for the most part are harmless. However, there will be those pests that make their way into our homes that will cause much damage to the house itself. The frightening thing is in some case we may not even know these pests are in our homes until its too late. So, here are some of the common household pests who are a threat to your home and what to look out for to know they are there.


These are one of the most common of the damaging household pest. The termite is small, but can do its fair share of damage. Especially to wood and paper. One thing to look out for when it comes to termites dirt inside the house or going up a wall for no apparent reason. These are known as tunnels created by the termites and can usually be found in hidden type places in the home such as a closet or behind furniture.

Carpenter Bees

Not as common as the termite but perhaps more frightening. This is a breed of bee that actually uses wood from homes to build their nest. The damage from a carpenter Bee to a structure can be more damaging in less time than the damage done by a termite. The only up side is that these can be easier to detect in the home than termites. Even just spotting one carpenter bee is an indicator that many more could be present, and that it shouldn’t be ignored.

Carpenter Ants

carpenter antThese are like the termite in that they are small, and tend to hide out in hidden areas. Again like the carpenter ant these can do much damage. Also, ants tend to breed quickly which means even more carpenter ants could be present before long. So, how can someone tell the difference between a carpenter ant and the other type of ants. Well, Carpenter ants tend to be a bit larger in appearance. So, if such a type of ant is spotted either inside or outside the home it’s time to take action.